Most people who know me know that way back I followed the CQ Enduro circuit among other things, pointing a camera at anything that moved and if it didn’t move we would kick it... Along the way I managed to produce some utterly embarrassing yet sometimes entertaining Music Videos to go with the feature video. This is real ‘old skool’ stuff which I might rather say got lost somewhere over the years... but hey... we all had to start somewhere...

So after many requests I have dug up ‘the old stuff’, re-encoded it and stuck it up here for memory’s sake and also as a dedication to those friends who have left us but will never be forgotten... I tried not to compress them too much to retain quality so please be patient with the buffering...

If you recall something I have produced in the past and haven’t posted here by all means please drop me a line and I will try digging a little deeper...



The Nostalgia Buff’s Paradise...

blow ya mind


waste of things to come

Farnborough Beach



national goon day 2001

Stoney Creek

the middle


stop the rock


ross V’s bulls

The Great Western Hotel

Wowan Showgrounds



more human than human


break stuff!

The Great Western Hotel

up to the wild side

The Stadium